Travel from Pakse to Siem Reap

The easiest way to travel overland by public transport from Pakse to Siem Reap is to take a direct minivan service. The journey is scheduled to take from 9 to 10 hours.

Bus Times from Pakse to Siem Reap

There are currently 2 direct services a day from Pakse to Siem Reap which is available to book online.

PakseSiem ReapTicketCompany
08:0017:00$57 USDSoutchai Travel
09:0019:00$47 USDAsia Van Transfer

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Pakse Bus Stop

Soutchai Travel services from Pakse to Phnom Penh commence with a pick up from any hotel in Pakse.

Google Map of Pakse

Siem Reap Bus Stop

Soutchai Travel services from Pakse to Phnom Penh terminates near the Mekong Discovery office on Sivutha Boulevard in Siem Reap.

Google Map of Pakse

Visiting Angkor Wat

Angkhor Wat is located 6 km from Siem Reap.

Travel to Angkor Wat

If you are only planning to visit Angkor Wat, and not any of the other nearby temples then you can take one-way trips on motorbike taxis or normal taxis or tuk-tuks. If you plan to visit several of the temple then the going rate for hiring a tuk-tuk for the day is $25 USD. The tuk-tuk driver will act as guide. If you want to save money then hire a bicycle which will cost you between $2 and $5 USD a day depending upon how good the bicycle is.

Motorbike Rental

We recommend that you don’t rent your own motorbike or moped in Siem Reap. Roads in Cambodia are dangerous to drive and the local police have been known to seek out foreigners on motorbikes to levy large fines.

Siem Reap is near Angkor Wat
Siem Reap is near Angkor Wat
Entrance Fee & Opening Times

Angkor Wat itself in open everyday from 05:00 until 17:30. The opening hours for other nearby temples is different. You need to buy either a 1 day pass ($37 USD), a 3 day pass ($62 USD) or a 7 day pass ($72 USD) to get into Angkor Wat, which will also get you entry to other nearby temple complexes such as Angkor Thom.

Focus on a Few Temples

We recommend spending several hours at Angkor Wat as it is a 2 square kilometre site with lots of things to see. You can try to visit lots of temples into a single day, but it is hot in Siem Reap and you will simply turn your trip into an unpleasant experience if you try to do too much in a day. Take it easy and appreciate the smaller details.

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