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By bus and local ferry it takes around 3 hours to travel from Don Det to Champassak.

Bus Times from Don Det to Champassak

There are currently 2 services a day from Don Det to Champassak available to book online.

Don DetChampassakCostCompany
11:0014:00$10 USDGreen Paradise
16:0019:00$10 USDGreen Paradise

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Don Det Bus Stop

Green Paradise bus services to Champassak depart from the Green Paradise Tour and Travel Office in the north of Don Det.

Google Map of Green Paradise Tour and Travel Office in Don Det

Champassak Bus Stop

Both Green Paradise bus services from Don Det to Champassak terminate at Champassak Terminal West.

Google Map of Champassak Terminal West

About Travel to Champassak

Champassak is a small rural town with around 20,000 permanent residents located on the left bank of the Mekong River about 130 km by road to the north of Don Det and 30 km to the south of the much larger city of Pakse.

Historical Importance of Champassak

The town of Champassak has given its name to the province as a whole despite its small size. The reason for this is because Champassak is a very old settlement, located near to even older settlements, such as the 5th Century city of Shrestrapura.

Until the 15th Century, Champassak and the surrounding area was under the control of the Khmer people. They established towns and temples in the area before the Angkor period, possibly as early as the 2nd Century, and archaeological finds in the area have provided a unique insight into the development of Khmer culture and architecture leading up to the creation of major temple complexes such as Angkor Wat close to the Cambodia city of Siem Reap. The most famous of these Khmer era temples in Champassak is Wat Phou.

About Wat Phou

Wat Phou, located 10 to 12 km from Champassak Town, depending upon which part of the town you are travelling from. Wat Phou is the major tourist attraction in the area. It is often described as being the best Khmer temple outside Cambodia, and probably one of the oldest. The temple was built over hundreds of years with the earliest parts of the temple thought to have been constructed in the 2nd Century.

Wat Phou is at the base of a large hill and is centred around a natural spring. The temple complex is 1.4 km long on an east to west axis. It consists of two large reservoirs, a long walkway, two palaces, six brick towers and a large sanctuary. Wat Phou also has some notable stone carvings, including a crocodile shape carved out from a large rock face which is believed to have been used in ceremonies involving ritual human sacrifice.

Wat Phou has been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status along with the nearby sites of two ancient cities, and Phu Kao mountain which is revered as an important religious site.

View from the River Resort in Champassak
View from the River Resort in Champassak
Staying in Champassak

Champassak is a long thin town spread out along the western side of the Mekong River, and much of the accommodation for visitors is located on the river front. The town has a small number of very comfortable resorts, including the River Resort which is slightly to the north of Champassak Town itself. Champassak also has a small number of restaurants and bars that cater for tourists, such as the very pleasant Champassak Wine Bar.

As well as visiting Wat Phou, there are also some great hiking trails and several other interesting local temples to visit. The peaceful riverside location and laid back pace of life in Champassak will also appeal to some visitors.

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