Bounvong Guesthouse in Xayaboury
Xayaboury Hotels

Bounvong Guesthouse, Xayaboury

The Bounvong Guesthouse is a good place to stay overnight if you miss the last onward bus service of the day from Xayaboury North Bus Station to your final destination. The Bounvong Guesthouse is one [Read more…]

Waiting area at Xayaboury North Bus Station
Bus Stations in Laos

Xayaboury North Bus Station

Xayaboury North Bus Station, also known as Thana Bus Station, is one of two bus stations near Xayaboury town. Xayaboury Bus Station is the best bus station to use for departures to Muang Ngern (border [Read more…]

Mushrooms on sale at Xayaboury Market
Xayaboury Activities

Xayaboury Market

Xayaboury Market is an outdoor wet market in the Ben Thana area of Xayaboury in North Western Laos. Xayaboury Market is very much the focal point of the quiet town of Xayaboury which is very [Read more…]