Teaching is one of the volunteering opportunities in Laos
Living in Laos

Volunteering in Laos

Volunteering in Laos is a popular activity for many younger social and environmentally conscious travellers, particularly from Western Europe and North America. Without a doubt volunteering is a way to get to know Lao people [Read more…]

Children's Day in Laos
Living in Laos

Childhood in Laos

Approximately half of the population of Laos live under the poverty line, and the in context of this poverty an unhealthy proportion of children in Laos grow up in very tough circumstances. Not all children [Read more…]

One of the many rice fields in Laos
Living in Laos

Rice production in Laos

Rice is the main crop in Laos, with 80% of the land in Laos which is suitable for growing crops planted with rice. Unsurprisingly Laos has one of the highest per capita level of rice [Read more…]

Buddhist monks in Luang Prabang in Laos
Living in Laos

Living as a Buddhist Monk in Laos

Approximately two-thirds of people in Laos identify as Buddhist, albeit a uniquely Lao version of the religion, and a high percentage of males, perhaps 30% to 50%, at some point in their lives ordain as [Read more…]