Tad Pha Suam Waterfall, Pakse

Tad Pha Suam Waterfall is an unusual six metre high horseshoe shaped waterfall located near Pakse, on the Bolaven Plateau in Southern Laos. Tad Pha Suam Waterfall is open to tourists daily from 08:00 to 17:00 and admission costs 10,000 Lao Kip per person, with an additional charge of 5,000 Lao Kip for parking a motorbike.

About Tad Pha Suam Waterfall

Tad Pha Suam Waterfall is one of the four most visited waterfalls in the Bolaven Plateau, the other two being Tad Yuang Waterfall, Tad Lo Waterfall and the more difficult to access, but very spectacular, Ta Fane Waterfall. The Bolaven Plateau is a highland area, from 1,000 to 1,350 metres above sea level, which is named after the local ethnic group that inhabit the area, the Laven.

One of the attractions at Ta Pha Suam Waterfall is a Laven village, called Uttayan Bachieng. Uttayan Bachieng isn’t necessarily what you would describe as a ‘traditional’ Laven village, as traditional Laven villages don’t have tourist restaurants or nicely finished tree top bungalows available for rent, but nonetheless Uttayan Bachieng is good place to go for a drink and some food, to see some Laven style buildings and tribal costumes, as well as to see demonstrations of local crafts examples of which you will be encouraged to buy.

Tad Pha Suam Waterfall near Pakse on the Bolaven Plateau
Tad Pha Suam Waterfall near Pakse on the Bolaven Plateau

Getting to Tad Pha Suam Waterfall by public transport isn’t really possible. Visitors with time and confidence on a motorbike might consider attempting the 335 km Bolaven loop, which is a road route passing by Tad Suam Waterfall either near the start or end of the journey depending upon which direction you choose to travel around the loop.

For most travellers the Bolaven loop starts and finishes in Pakse and involves spending one night at a guesthouse in Tad Lo, which has reasonable facilities for foreign visitors. Your other alternatives are to join an organised tour which will take you from Pakse to several different waterfalls, including Tad Suam Waterfall. This option will cost you around 150,000 Lao Kip. Hiring a private car and driver is more expensive at the equivalent of around $100 USD for much the same tour, but this option does the advantage of allowing you more freedom as to when you you start and finish the tour, how long you spend at each destination, and not having to travel with people who you may or may not enjoy spending the day with.

Location of Tad Pha Suam Waterfall

Tad Pha Suam Waterfall is located 34.5 km by road from Pakse.

Google Map of Tad Pha Suam Waterfall

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