Snake whiskey in Laos
Food in Laos

Lao Snake Whiskey

Lao Snake Whiskey is a traditional beverage in Laos made by infusing the local style of rice whiskey with a snake which is left in the bottle of whiskey for several months. About Lao Snake Whiskey [Read more…]

Lao people love to play games
Living in Laos

Fun and games in Laos

Playing games and sport is very popular in Laos. A popular misconception in richer countries is that people in poorer countries, such as Laos, don’t have the time, energy or inclination to play games and [Read more…]

Boys in the traditional dress of the Lao Theung people of Laos
Lao Culture

Lao Theung people of Laos

The Lao Theung are the second largest ethnic group in Laos, comprising around 25% of the country’s population. They are also generally considered the poorest of the three ethnic groupings in Laos. About the Lao Theung [Read more…]

Couples typically marry young in Laos
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Marriage in Laos

Marriage is popular in Laos, and Lao people from most ethnic groups, particularly women, tend to get married young. A much more restrictive attitude is taken by the authorities towards Lao people marrying foreigners and [Read more…]

In Laos spirits are called 'phi'
Lao Culture

Spirit worship in Laos

Around 66% of people in Laos practice Theravada Buddhism, however, that has not displaced the much older tradition of spirit worship in Laos, and also in North Eastern Thailand which shares a similar language and [Read more…]

Akha woman in traditional dress
Lao Culture

Akha people of Laos

The Akha people are the 9th largest ethnic group in Laos with an estimated population of just over 110,000 although the accuracy of this estimate is doubtful as the often semi-nomadic Akha people mostly live [Read more…]

Teaching is one of the volunteering opportunities in Laos
Living in Laos

Volunteering in Laos

Volunteering in Laos is a popular activity for many younger social and environmentally conscious travellers, particularly from Western Europe and North America. Without a doubt volunteering is a way to get to know Lao people [Read more…]

Children's Day in Laos
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Childhood in Laos

Approximately half of the population of Laos live under the poverty line, and the in context of this poverty an unhealthy proportion of children in Laos grow up in very tough circumstances. Not all children [Read more…]

One of the many rice fields in Laos
Living in Laos

Rice production in Laos

Rice is the main crop in Laos, with 80% of the land in Laos which is suitable for growing crops planted with rice. Unsurprisingly Laos has one of the highest per capita level of rice [Read more…]

Hmong people of Laos
Lao Culture

Hmong people of Laos

The Hmong people are the third largest ethnic group in Laos. Estimates of the number of Hmong people living in Laos range from 450,000 to 600,000. The largest ethnic group, and the economically and politically [Read more…]