Large Buddha statues at Wat Si Sa Ket
Vientiane Activities

Wat Si Sa Ket, Vientiane

Wat Si Sa Ket is one of the oldest temples in Vientiane, dating back to 1820, having been one of the only temples to have survived the destructed caused when the armies of Siam invaded [Read more…]

The Patuxai Monument in Vientiane, Laos
Vientiane Activities

Patuxai Monument, Vientiane

The Patuxai Monument is a large building, similar to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, which is located in centre of Vientiane in Laos. The Patuxai Monument is open from 08:00 to 16:30 from Monday [Read more…]

Handbags at Vientiane Night Market
Vientiane Activities

Vientiane Night Market

Vientiane Night Market is located in Chao Anuvong Park, which is near to the Mekong River and the lively Quai Fa Ngum, in Vientiane City Centre in Laos. The night market opens from 18:00 to [Read more…]

That Dam in Vientiane
Vientiane Activities

That Dam, Vientiane

That Dam is an old stupa which sits in the centre of a roundabout on a side street in Vietntiane in Laos. The stupa is a poor state of repair, covered in grass, but nonetheless [Read more…]

Chua Bang Long temple
Vientiane Activities

Chua Bang Long, Vientiane

Chua Bang Long is Buddhist temple tucked away in a back street of Vientiane in Laos. Chua Bang Long looks very different to the other Buddhist temples in Vientiane, and elsewhere in Laos for that [Read more…]

Congregation Hall at Wat Chanthaboury
Vientiane Activities

Wat Chanthaboury in Vientiane

Wat Chanthaboury, also known as Wat Chan, is a Buddhist temple located on the popular riverfront road near to Chao Anouvong Park in Vientiane in Laos. Wat Chanthaboury is an active temple with monks in [Read more…]

30 smaller stupa surround the great stupa at Pha That Luang
Vientiane Activities

Pha That Luang in Vientiane

Pha That Luang in Vientiane is the most important religious site in Laos, and a symbol of Laotian national identity. An image of Pha That Luang appears on 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 100,000 kip notes [Read more…]